Land: Georgien

Geburtsjahr: 1988

Style: Abstrakte Malerei, Portrait, Klassische Malerei

Giorgi Makharashvili


Everything in this world: e.g. things, surroundings, human beings, etc. has its own history, awareness of which facilitates discussion about these subjects and makes sense in foreshadowing the lasts’ future. On the other hand, such an attitude related to human beings is far more complicated, due to their consciousness and unconsciousness, individual point of view and world view in general, as well as their soul with diverse types of it. No matter how far human’s future may be foretold by the past, the perception of the future remains vague, due to human beings are complex creatures with an inner evolution that is as varied as their course of life. Through my paintings I seek to reflect the mystical and spiritual dynamics that human undergoes with all the process that happens beyond his/her perception. Generally, there is a kind of infinity beyond the events, which exists in individual’s mystic origin as well. Each individual I perceive as an imago, a phantasm, in which the aforesaid events evolve constantly. Each individual’s changeability together with a variability of the personal layers and metamorphosis and transformations ability are, probably, the most attention-grabbing themes.



Ab April 2020 Dauerausstellung in der Galerie MoonArt, Leipzig

2018 – June – July – Personal Exhibition at “GeoArt galerie” title “IMMERSION” City: Berlin,Germany.

2018 – February – Exhibition at Redisson, Room: “Surfey” accompanied by presentation of “Okey’s” app. City: Tbilisi, Georgia.

2014 – May – Exhibition АмнезіЯ project. Festival SOUNDOUT! New Ways of Presenting Literature, Literaturhaus Lettretage, Berlin. Curators of the exhibition – Aleksand mkhed, Aleksei Shinkarenko.

2014 – März – April personal exhibition ‘’SILENCE’’ Holland City – Den Helder2013 – International Multimedia Project “Amnezia” Kiev, Ukraine.

2013 – International Multimedia Project “Amnezia” Kiev, Ukraine

2012 – June – Tbilisi Doll Museum Personal Exhibition (Metamorphosis). Georgia.

2011 – Exhibition at the Conservatoire (group exhibition), accompanied by music. City: Tbilisi, Georgia

2011 – April – Art Museum of Ajara, exhibition of drawings (group exhibition) City: Batumi, Georgia.

2011 – Students’ exhibition accompanied by electronic music (Academy of Arts courtyard) City: Tbilisi, Georgia

2011 – April – Exhibition of drawings at “Vernissage” gallery. City: Tbilisi, Georgia.

2011 – Mai – Bethlehem Neighbourhood Festival, sketches. City: Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010 – Charity exhibition in the courtyard of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; abstraction (group exhibition) City: Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010 – BRITISH COUNCIL –ARTISTERIUM 3 WORKSHOP (September 13-24) City: Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010 – Showroom of A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Art Academy – Dynamics (group exhibition) Georgia.

2009 – Exhibition in Tehran, Iran (group exhibition)

2009 – Students’ Festival of Traditional Arts “Voice of Nation 2009” City: Tbilisi, Georgia

2009 – Small Showroom of A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Art Academy – Dynamics (group exhibition)

2001- Exhibition dedicated to United Nations International Human Rights Day (group exhibition). A project of UN Development Programme.

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