Where is my money best invested?

Nowadays there are endless possibilities: stocks, funds, bonds, real estate,  savings accounts, overnight money or fixed-term deposits . The investment period and the target determine the selection. Unfortunately, the interest rates for classic investments such as savings accounts, fixed-term deposits and overnight deposits have been at their lowest point for years. As always, stocks remain pretty risky – the coronavirus issue  affects all sectors of the economy and all areas of life. Stock exchanges have suffered particularly badly in recent weeks.

Alternative systems such as art, wine, luxury cars and vintage cars are gaining more and more attention. Although … if you look into the past, art, jewelry and precious stones have always resisted as investments.

According to the Luxury Investment Index and Statista, works of art are in a long-term comparison (from 10 years) with a fat increase of 139 percent in the solid 4th place among alternative investments.